School Field Trips/Group Visits

A school field trip or group visit to Imagi Nation is a one-of-a-kind, seamless combination of education and entertainment as children role-play over 40 different career choices.  Students acquire real life skills and experience first-hand how to run a business and be a good employee, all while being introduced to the fundamentals of financial literacy.

Our school and group experiences are masterfully crafted, aligned with PA Academic Standards, and are hosted by a team of experienced, certified teachers.  Visits are ideal for schools, Boy and Girl Scouts, church groups, mom's clubs, sports teams, or just a fun day out!

What makes an Imagi Nation visit exceptionally different is the way our team of educators carefully weave social skills development into every activity.  In a world of technology where children spend the majority of their day behind a screen, an Imagi Nation experience allows them to interact in real time, in real world situations with others.  So whether your students are challenged with communication, decision making, problem solving, or conflict resolution skills, an Imagi Nation field trip or group visit incorporates them all.

  1. $9.95 per person (minimum 20 participants or base rate of $199)
  2. Optional upgrade for Imagi Nation Explore & Big Thinkers trips:  add a Create Your Own Flavor Experience for just $4.95 per person
  3. 2-hour programs available any time
  4. Tax exempt organizations must present a certificate with reservation
  5. Chaperones are required to accompany and assist children with all activities.  One adult chaperone FREE for the following; additional    adults or siblings are $6.95 each:  

                             0-3 years     1 adult to 3 children

                             4-7 years     1 adult to 5 children

                             8 years +     1 adult to 8 children

  1. Choose from the following programs:
    1. Imagi Nation Explore - facilitated or self-guided; enjoy your choice of Imagi Nation enterprises
    2. Imagi Nation Big Thinkers - 2 hour city-themed trip linking the Imagi Nation enterprises
    3. Scoopendorf’s Flavor Lab - 2 hour ice cream-themed trips with your choice of:
      1. The History of Ice Cream
      2. Ice Cream Around the World
      3. The Next Great Flavor Experiment
      4. Meltdown

Why is an Imagi Nation Field Trip an Extraordinary Experience?

  1. Students have the opportunity to experience a wide variety of role-play careers through engaging hands-on activities.
  2. Imagi Nation Ambassadors, who are passionate and experienced educators themselves, facilitate the learning in each enterprise by   leading activities that are most appropriate for each age group.
  3. All activities within the Imagi Nation enterprises are carefully aligned with PA and Common Core Standards.
  4. Imagi Nation’s experiential learning involves critical interpersonal skill development such as communication, collaboration, decision-making, problem-solving and conflict resolution.
  5. Students are introduced to the concept of different behavioral work styles and will learn to both recognize and appreciate those differences while working together.
  6. Imagi Nation provides the unique opportunity to not only try a career as a worker, but also encourages students to think as entrepreneurs and take on leadership roles that stretch their skills, abilities and most importantly, thinking. 

Reservations and Cancellations

A $50 deposit is required at the time of reservation with full payment due for the number reserved on the day of your visit.  Imagi Nation is not able to make adjustments or refunds on the day of the event.  All sales are final, no refunds or exchanges.  Groups with fewer students than reserved will receive general admission tickets (one ticket for each student that is paid for but is not attending).  Tickets may also be applied to additional siblings or chaperones accompanying the group.  


In order to prepare and appropriately accommodate guests with special needs, please let us know of students requiring special assistance or food allergies at the time of booking. 

Ready to Book a Field Trip for Your School?

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Imagi NationExplore

During this 2 hour experience, students and chaperones can explore over 40 different job roles within the Imagi Nation enterprises.  This trip can either be facilitated or self-guided:

  • Bank
  • Market
  • Manufacturing Center
  • Health & Dental Clinic
  • Creation Station
  • Media Center
  • Ice Cream Flavor Lab
  • Post Office
  • Fire Station
  • Police Station
Imagi Nation
Big Thinkers

Visitors take on the roles of owners, employees and consumers to learn how the world of business works.  They’ll need to collaborate to make decisions and solve problems in order to invent, produce, distribute and promote new products.  Guests will:

  • Experience New Hire Orientation – Courtyard
  • Undergo a Health Screening – Health & Dental Clinic
  • Conduct Target Market Research – Scoopendorf’s Flavor Lab
  • Produce, Inspect and Package Products – Manufacturing Center
  • Receive, Stock and Sell Products – Market
  • Design Logos and Slogans – Creation Station
  • Create Newspaper, Radio & TV Ads – Media Center
  • Receive Biznis Bucks and Open a Savings Account - Bank
  • Make Presentations to the Board of Directors – Courtyard
Scoopendorf’s Flavor Lab
The Historyof Ice Cream

In a fun and exciting journey through time, participants help bring the history of America’s favorite frozen dessert to life.  They’ll learn about ordinary people who made extraordinary contributions to ice cream’s rich and flavorful past.

  • History of Ice Cream Interactive Presentation – Media Center
  • Hands-on Ice Cream Making Science Experiments – Courtyard
  • Create Your Own Flavor Experience - Scoopendorf’s Flavor Lab
Scoopendorf’s Flavor Lab
Ice CreamAround the World

Equipped with only a compass and map, teams follow clues on a quest to solve the case of the sabotaged lab specimens.  They’ll race around the world to correctly identify the countries of origin for 9 frozen desserts.  They’ll then rely on their keen senses of sight, smell and taste to evaluate and correctly classify six tasty specimens.

  • Passport Match Challenge – Courtyard
  • Virtual World Tour with Clues – Media Center
  • Taste Testing – Courtyard
  • Create Your Own Flavor Experience – Scoopendorf’s Flavor Lab
Scoopendorf’s Flavor LabThe Next Great Flavor Experiment

Work behind the scenes with Doc Scoopendorf as he invites your group to assist with The Next Great Flavor Experiment.  Before becoming a Flavorator Extraordinaire however, you must first identify America’s favorite flavors, determine how different ingredients change flavors and decide on the most nutritious ingredients.

  • History of the Ice Cream Sundae – Media Center
  • Challenge #1 Flavor Knowledge – Market
  • Challenge #2 Taste Test – Courtyard
  • Challenge #3 Nutrition – Health & Dental Clinic
  • Create Your Own Flavor Experience – Scoopendorf’s Flavor Lab
Scoopendorf’s Flavor LabMeltdown

As newly hired ice cream production workers begin their first day on the job, they experience a series of unfortunate events such as a power outage, equipment malfunction, order change and even a surprise inspection!  These fun and unexpected challenges interrupt the teams’ synergy and test their leadership, decision making and problem solving skills.

  • Employee Interview Job Application & Interview Process – Courtyard
  • Production Line – Manufacturing Center
  • Shipping – Market
  • Create Your Own Flavor Experience – Scoopendorf’s Flavor Lab

Field Trip Experiences

Imagi Nation Field Trips are an engaging combination of education and entertainment, designed and hosted by a team of certified and experienced educators.  All field trip curriculum aligns with PA Academic and Common Core Standards.

Field Trips