JoAnn Fedor

Chelsea Frydrych

​Our Story

In 2008 Tim and Wendy Pitts saw an opportunity to expand the retail and wholesale ice cream business they’d owned for almost 20 years.  What began as small holiday events focused on preschool literacy, quickly turned into a demand for more education-based events including one-of-a-kind field trips and birthday parties, all concluding with a Make Your Own Sundae experience.

As the activity increased, space became an issue for the small retail shop and the addition of an adjoining space allowed a hands-on, educational ice cream lab to become a reality. The lab became a well-known, magical place where America's favorite frozen dessert was combined with its rich history resulting in engaging family fun.

Since those early days, they've delighted over 18,000 children and their families with birthday parties, family events and field trips designed and facilitated by a passionate team of educators.  As a corporate trainer with 20 years of experience developing and facilitating leadership curriculum for adults, Wendy ensures that critical social skills are incorporated into every Imagi Nation activity. This mission, along with standards of excellence, exceptional customer service and a heart for children, has resulted in the need for yet another expansion.

Building on their elements of success, Wendy and her team are now able to offer families even more - a complete city for children to explore called Imagi Nation! The name for the city comes partly from the definition of nation - “larger groups or collectives of people with common characteristics attributed to them”.  We interpret this definition to be parents and educators who understand the importance of experiential play in a child’s development and social well-being.  Collectively, we advocate for a world of imagination that inspires and captivates them.

Scoopendorf’s Flavor Lab (peanut free)

Taste Tester, Flavor Scientist
All guests will have an opportunity to exercise their gustatory cells (taste buds) and learn about the rich history of ice cream in Doc Scoopendorf’s Flavor Lab.  You are invited to take our ice cream taste test (included with admission), or create your very own ice cream flavor (additional charge).  Become a Flavor Scientist and experiment with a variety of special formulas to create and package an ice cream that’s uniquely yours!​​

Chelsea recently joined the Imagi Nation team as an Ambassador and has experience working with children for over 10 years.  She previously worked as a girls’ basketball referee for nine seasons before becoming a volunteer coach for the same organization.  Chelsea also volunteered as a French teacher for an after-school program at a local elementary school and had been the Assistant Manager for an area art company for four years.  While working there she had the opportunity to work various art operations such as face painting, photography, henna tattoos, and more. Chelsea is currently attending Cedar Crest College as an English major and has plans to go into publishing in the future. Her favorite part about working at Imagi Nation is seeing the excitement on a child's face when they first walk into the building and the excitement they exhibit when they hear about all the different jobs they can do.  She is very happy to be a part of the team and excited to help make each party and event memorable.

Our Economy

Helping children understand how money works in the world is a fundamental element of Imagi Nation.  Here they will learn what it takes to earn money, make decisions about where to spend it, and at the conclusion of their experience, decide how much to save/invest or donate to a charity of their choice.

Along with their admission, children are awarded 20 Biznis Bucks, the currency of Imagi Nation.  For each job performed, they will earn an additional 10 Biznis Bucks and when they reach a total of 50, they are able to open their very own interest-bearing savings account.  For every 10 Biznis Bucks invested, they will receive 1 Biznis Buck for use on their next visit.  Of course there are plenty of opportunities within Imagi Nation to spend those hard-earned bucks as well – taking in a show at the Media Center, taste-testing new flavors at Scoopendorf's Flavor Lab, or creating a fun art project in the Art Studio.

Because giving back to our community is a founding principle of Imagi Nation, children can also decide to donate some or all of their Biznis Bucks to causes that are near and dear to our hearts.  For every 20 Biznis Bucks donated, Imagi Nation will donate $.10 to the Lehigh Valley Chapter - American Red Cross, Pediatric Cancer Foundation of the Lehigh Valley, or St. Luke's Hospice Children's Bereavement Program.

JoAnn Fedor earned a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education with a concentration in Early Childhood from Mansfield University. Her first opportunity to work with children after graduating was as an instructional aide in a Title I reading program in a public school. Shortly after relocating to the Lehigh Valley, she began teaching in a private preschool. The last eight years of her tenure there, she served as the director working in the same facility for a total of 22 years. Upon retiring, she jumped at the chance to work part time at The Ice Cream Lab allowing her the opportunity to continue working with children of all ages. One of the best parts of now working at Imagi Nation is seeing the curiosity of the children and parents when they enter and utilize the facility.  

About Imagi nation

Enterprise Activities

Through realistic, interactive role play, children can experience over 40 different careers all while developing critical social skills such as leadership, communication, teamwork, problem solving and decision making.

Market/Café & Recycling Center

Customer, Cashier, Inventory Manager, Stock Person, Merchandiser, Food Prep, Waiter/Waitress, Recycling Engineer
Grab your grocery list and head to the market where you’re sure to fill your cart with everything you need. While you’re there don’t forget to visit the café for a quick snack or stop by the recycling center to sort the day's trash into the paper, plastic and metal containers.

Media Center

Newspaper Reporter, Photo Journalist, Newspaper Deliverer, Comic Strip Illustrator, Radio Personality, News Anchor, Camera Operator, Shopping Network or Talk Show Host, Interview Guest, Performer, Fashion Show Model, Audience Member
You’ll broadcast right from the Media Center and keep visitors up to date on the latest news, events, and special celebrations taking place throughout Imagi Nation.  Try your hand at a career in newspaper, radio, television or the performing arts.

Post Office

Postal Worker
Be the postal worker who receives, sorts and delivers all the mail in Imagi Nation. 

You’ll need to weigh letters and packages, determine the proper postage, select the correct stamp, and plan the shortest delivery route to get the job done quickly.

Nicky Morber


Customer, Cashier, Vault Supervisor
You’re in charge of your own money at Imagi Nation!  Children will learn how to earn Biznis Bucks, the currency of Imagi Nation, and then make decisions about where to spend, save or donate it.  They can even open their very own interest-bearing savings account!

Amanda Wechsler

Manufacturing & Engineering Center

Customer, Call Center Operator, Shift Supervisor, Production/Assembly Worker, Stock Person, Quality Control Inspector, Order Picker, Packager, Shipper
The Manufacturing Center is the “hub” of Imagi Nation as it’s here where new products are invented and produced.  Be part of a busy production line that needs to get products to the customer and learn what it takes to work together.

Health & Dental Center

Receptionist, Dentist, Dental Hygienist, Nutritionist, Pediatric Nurse, Doctor, Patient
Be part of a first-class medical team and administer first aid to injured patients as a doctor or learn how to take care of infants in the baby nursery.  You can also teach others about nutrition, be challenged to make wise food choices, and demonstrate proper brushing and flossing techniques on our model.

After receiving a degree in Early Childhood Education, Nicky began what would become a 10-year career as a director for a local child care center.  In addition to her duties as the center’s director, she also held the positions of Preschool Advisor and Child Care Case Worker.  In 2012, she became an Events Coordinator at The Ice Cream Lab before transitioning to her role as Brand Manager at Imagi Nation.  Nicky enjoys working at Imagi Nation because she loves meeting and interacting with new people.  She says that the best part of her job is watching and helping children to learn in an interactive environment.

Currently a senior at Allentown Central Catholic High School, Amanda joined the Imagi Nation Ambassadors as an Assistant in September of 2017.  In addition to being a valuable resource to our staff here, Amanda is also currently interning as a teacher assistant with Sacred Heart School in Allentown.  Upon graduation from Central, she plans to pursue a degree in Elementary Education.  As a talented singer and musician, Amanda is in the Drama Club, Choir and Band at her school and also assists with character appearances at Imagi Nation, recently appearing as Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Creation Station

 Artist, Marketing Representative, Promotional Manager, Engineer

Challenge your inner artist by creating a masterpiece with recyclable materials or design an eye-catching logo or promotional piece for a brand new ice cream flavor.  Little ones can be creative too as they build innovative towers and structures with our popular assortment of building blocks, bricks & gears!

Fire & Police Station

Dispatcher, Fire Fighter, Police Officer, Detective
Children will experience first-hand what really happens in the event of an emergency when the dispatcher receives 911 calls and needs to rely on Imagi Nation’s finest to save the day.

The Team

One of the things that make Imagi Nation so uniquely different is the team of talented educators we employ. Each thoroughly screened Manager and Ambassador brings a genuine passion for children into an environment rich in entertaining education. Our staff contributes their years of knowledge with preschoolers, elementary, special needs children and adult learners to every guest experience.