Market & Recycling Center

Customer, Cashier, Inventory Manager, Stock Person, Merchandiser, Recycling Engineer
Grab your grocery list and head to one of the busiest enterprises in Imagi Nation.  Be a customer or cashier, arrange an attractive display or stop by the recycling center to sort the day's trash.  Shoppers can even compete in a "Budget Buster" competition using coupons!

Pit Lane Challenge - 

Race Car Driver, Flagger, Mechanic, Engineer, Pit Crew
Experience what it's like inside an actual NASCAR race car once driven by a famous driver!  Train to be the flagger who communicates what's happening on the track or be part of the Pit Crew challenged to change tires and beat the clock to put their team on the top of the Leader Board.  You can even make over 14 different repairs to two interactive engine models or test your skills at building your very own race car at our engineering workbench!

Post Office

Postal Worker
Be the postal worker who receives, sorts and delivers all the mail in Imagi Nation. 

You’ll need to weigh letters and packages, determine the proper postage, select the correct stamp, and plan the shortest delivery route to get the job done quickly.

Health & Dental Center

Receptionist, Dentist, Dental Hygienist, Nutritionist, Pediatric Nurse, Doctor, Patient
Be part of a first-class medical team and administer first aid to injured patients as a doctor or learn how to take care of infants in the baby nursery.  You can also teach others about nutrition, be challenged to make wise food choices, and demonstrate proper brushing and flossing techniques on our model.


Host, Waiter/Waitress, Customer, Chef, Cashier, Shift Manager

Greet hungry customers, take their reservation and show them to a seat where they'll be served with a smile by a friendly wait staff.  The chef can whip up the daily special and the cashier will take care of your bill.  Be sure to leave a nice tip for the exceptional service you receive at the Imagi Nation Diner.

Fire & Police Station

Dispatcher, Fire Fighter, Police Officer, Detective
Children can experience the thrill and excitement of being a fire fighter in an authentic, restored 1982 Mack Fire Truck.  They can also search throughout Imagi Nation for evidence that is missing or arrest an adult they don't see playing!

About Imagi nation

Enterprise Activities

Through realistic, interactive role play, children can experience over 40 different careers all while developing critical social skills such as leadership, communication, teamwork, problem solving and decision making.

Blaze Bucks- Currency

Earn Prizes for your hard work
You’re in charge of your own money at Imagi Nation!  Children will learn how to earn Blaze Bucks, the currency of Imagi Nation, and then head to Janey's Treasures to see what prizes they can take home. We have various prize levels to allow the kids to spend it on a variety of prizes!

Manufacturing Center & Construction Zone

Customer, Call Center Operator, Shift Supervisor, Production/Assembly Worker, Stock Person, Quality Control Inspector, Order Picker, Packager, Shipper, Engineer, Mason
The Manufacturing Center is the “hub” of Imagi Nation teamwork.  Be part of a busy production line that needs to get products from order to customer while learning how to deal with change and handle conflict.  If engineering is more your interest, head over to the partially constructed frame in the center of the courtyard to complete a wall, configure plumbing pipes or even design your own vehicle.