Of course no security system replaces the careful eye of an adult, therefore parents are required to remain with and be responsible for their children during the entire visit.  We have planned for and encourage parents to participate in activities right along with their children, as they are their first and most important teachers. 

Need To know

Activities for Parents

Although we require parents to accompany children at all times while visiting Imagi Nation, we encourage them to play too!  Our goal is to provide an environment, rich in engaging activities, that parents can enjoy right along with their children.  Help your child set up a cool end-of-aisle display in the grocery store, check the quality of products in the manufacturing center, or even create a brand new flavor at Scoopendorf's Flavor Lab!  Embrace your inner child, and allow us to take you back to a simpler time when all that was required for fun was a little bit of creativity and whole lot of Imagi Nation!


​A wide variety of pre-packaged snacks, coffee and other drinks are available for purchase. No outside food or beverages are permitted.  

Cleanliness Next to Godliness

As parents and “neat freaks” ourselves, the cleanliness of the environment we provide for our guests is one of our most important concerns, so we’ve given this subject much consideration.

Not only are children and parents encouraged to sanitize hands upon entrance to each enterprise, but every day there are periodic clean up times to provide the Imagi Nation staff with time to reset play areas and sanitize items deposited in the "clean me" buckets. In addition, the entire facility is cleaned thoroughly each evening in preparation for the next day.

Because uniforms are an integral part of the Imagi Nation experience, we take special care to ensure they are clean and sanitary at all times by disinfecting daily and laundering on a regular maintenance schedule. We also use a non-toxic, pesticide-free product called LiceGuard on all matching uniform hats to safeguard against any transmission of this childhood nuisance.

Controlled Access:  There is just one entrance and exit (not including fire exits) for Imagi Nation visitors controlled by our staff.  No adult will be admitted to Imagi Nation without a child, and upon entrance adults and children will receive matching identification stamps that will be checked at the exit.

Carefully Screened Professional Employees:  All Imagi Nation Ambassadors have been screened with a Criminal History Check and Child Abuse Clearances.  They also contribute their educational expertise through state teaching certificates and/or years of instructional experience.

Attendance Limits:  To make our guests’ experience at Imagi Nation the very best possible, we control the environment by limiting the number of visitors admitted, especially on peak season days. These measures, along with the Imagi Nation Ambassadors that circulate throughout each enterprise, ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.