1. Temperature checks of all guests before entry
  2. Mandatory hand washing before entry and upon exit
  3. Adults and children over the age of 2 will be required to wear a mask; please let our staff know of any exceptions
  4. Families will follow an Apprentice Adventure map & social distancing floor graphics to guide them on a one-way journey
  5. Every enterprise will open and close on a timed schedule so staff has ample time to sanitize each room for each family
  6. Only one group (up to 6-8 members) will be admitted to a sanitized enterprise at a time
  7. Cleaning of common area, high-touch surfaces such as door handles, light switches, etc. will be done after each play session
  8. Hand sanitizing stations are located throughout the city
  9. "Dirty toy" bins are available in every enterprise
  10. HEPA air filters have been installed in our HVAC system
  11. Fresh air will be circulated through the city frequently each day
  12. Deep cleaning will occur each evening and disinfectant fogging will be used weekly


You’re in charge of your own money at Imagi Nation!  Children will learn how to earn Blaze Bucks, the currency of Imagi Nation, and then head to Janey's Treasures to see what prizes they can take home. We have various prize levels to allow the kids to spend it on a variety of prizes!

We have always been proud of our stellar reputation for cleanliness and now welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to an even more robust safety and sanitation plan.  At this time, it includes but is not limited to:

Our little city includes a market, salon, health center, diner, pit lane, police and fire station, post office, construction zone along with our unique creation station

How do I use a gift certificate?; will the expiration date be extended?
Please contact info@imaginationexp to receive an order number.  On the day of your visit you will need to bring your confirmation email and gift certificate or Pass Pack along.
All issued gift certificates and Pass Packs will be extended for 4 months - the duration Imagi Nation was ordered to close.

Can we bring a stroller?
Yes, Imagi Nation is stroller-friendly and each enterprise and/or the courtyard is able to accommodate them.

Can we bring our own food?
Yes, as long as any food or drinks are consumed in our indoor Park area.  No food or drinks are allowed in any of our enterprises and this will be strongly enforced.
Although we do not have our own food service at this time, packaged snacks and drinks are available for purchase.  In our strip mall and surrounding area there are also several restaurants families can enjoy. 
Since our tickets have moved from all-day to two-hour sessions, we highly recommend enjoying food or drinks prior to, or after your visit to maximize imaginative play time.

Are changing tables and/or a nursing station available?
Both our men's room and ladies' room are equipped with changing areas and disposable diaper bags.  For the consideration of other guests, please be sure to use them when discarding soiled diapers.
Nursing moms are encouraged to check with the front desk and we will be happy to direct you to a quiet, private area.

Does Imagi Nation accept donation requests?
Yes; the foundation of our company is built on giving back to our community.  We would be happy to review requests provided they are sent on the organization's letterhead and include a tax id number.

Send requests to info@imaginationexp.com


We're open Tuesday - Saturday for Open play!​ 




Individual Tickets

Infants- FREE

Walkers Under 2- $8.95

2-12 Years - $14.95

Adults (age 13+)- 1 Free Admission with each child admission: $8.95 per add'l

*No adult permitted without a child


Blaze Bucks- Currency

Open Play Times 
​Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
9:00 am - 4:00pm

10:00 am - 5:00pm

Of course no security system replaces the careful eye of an adult, therefore parents are required to remain with and be responsible for their children during the entire visit.  We have planned for and encourage parents to participate in activities right along with their children, as they are their first and most important teachers. 

Controlled Access:  There is one dedicated entrance and separate exit for Imagi Nation visitors controlled by our staff.  No adult will be admitted to Imagi Nation without a child.

Carefully Screened Professional Employees:  All Imagi Nation Ambassadors have been screened with a Criminal History Check and Child Abuse Clearances.  They contribute their educational expertise through state teaching certificates and/or years of instructional experience.  As part of our COVID-19 upgrades, staff will also undergo daily temperature checks at the beginning of each shift.  They'll also be easy to identify by their blue Imagi Nation masks!

Attendance Limits:  We are compliant with CDC, state and local capacity guidelines